Tropical Pineapple Themed Party Ideas! ✨ 🍍

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Since we've had to put travel temporarily on hold, we figured now is the perfect time to get creative and show you how to create your very own tropical pineapple themed party. A staycation! These Tropical-themed ideas will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
We have so many great ideas for you, everything from pineapple recipe ideas, flip-flop-shaped sandwiches, seaside-inspired cupcakes and fresh summer salads. As for the tiki bar, fruity cocktails, piña coladas are a must. Let's get started!



First of all, who doesn't love cheese?  We all do! And for it to be shaped like a pineapple, makes it so much better. We love this idea! To make this, check out Sprinkle Some Fun



This Pineapple Ceramic Platter is the cutest and such a great addition to your kitchen. If you would like to add these to your Pineapple party,  check them out on our The Pineapple Everything website. 


These candles, served up in a half a coconut shell, will make for an ideal centrepiece. Coconut, not your thing? No problem. You can choose from 54 different scents. Plus, this is a small business via Etsy! It's great to support small businesses, especially in these trying times. Check them out here  !


Tiki torches are essential when it comes to tropical parties, plus they do a great job of sprucing up your backyard vibe. They're also relatively well priced off this website: Lights4fun 


It's not a party without a couple of bevies, and why not spruce up your drinks with a couple of cool straws. We have these adorable fabulous pineapple straws that are sure to add some spruce to your party! Check them out here!


These flip-flops were made for munching, and that's just what your guests will do. Made from cream cheese, cucumbers, and cheese slices, the festive finger food will be a crowd-pleaser for all ages.

This party theme is seriously so fun and is sure to make a great time for your family/friends. If you've enjoyed, feel free to share with us on Instagram @thepineappleeverything!  We hope you've enjoyed this week's blog! We will see you next week with another blog. While you're here, check out our favourite products of the week!  



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