5 Ways To Add A Tropical Touch To Your Home - The Tropics Are Coming To You 😎☀️

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While the world is currently still on lockdown and we’re all stuck at home, we’re sure many of us are getting bored of being at home. Although we can’t do much about leaving home, we can give you some tips on how to spruce up your home and make it more fun, and more summery! You can’t necessarily be on a tropical island right now but you can definitely decorate your house to make you feel like you are!  We hope you enjoy it!


Adding a colourful pillow with a cute tropical theme is the perfect way to brighten up space and make it feel cozy at the same time. You can add them to your bedrooms as well. We would recommend this Pineapple Good Vibes Pillow, it’s cute, has tropical vibes but also is tame enough that it wouldn’t be too distracting! Love it!



Nothing says tropics like the smell of fresh-cut flowers. Next time you go to the grocery store, pick up a bouquet of flowers, trust us. They bring instant life to your home and will make you smile all day! You’d be surprised at how much a lovely bouquet of sunflowers will spruce up your home. 



This step is probably the most fun and can totally be done as much or as minimal as you’d like. You’re going to want a few different types of cups, plates or even just stop by your local thrift store and pick up individual, bright-coloured dishes and add them to your shelves and tables. If the thrift store isn't your vibe, we totally love this Happy Pineapple Ceramic Plate Set which gives off the cutest tropical vibes!



If you don't have the full confidence to pull out the paintbrush, these Pineapple Wall Stickers are a great alternative! Pick a narrow area in your house that needs some sprucing up, peel and stick! These will add so much flavour to your room, they come in 9 different colours, plus they're removable! What's not to love? 

 5. FAIRY LIGHTS 🧚🏻‍♂️

Ahh yes, fairy lights. A huge problem solver when it comes to adding an extra touch to a room. These Pineapple Fantasy String Lights will add a touch of romance to your house in the evening. You could even add these lights on a back porch/patio for outdoor tropical entertaining!  


We hope you enjoyed this week's blog! Feel free to check out some of our favourite items of the week and we'll see you next week for a new blog! 



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